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Ever wrestle with disorganized shelves, elusive customer loyalty, or the challenges of monitoring staff and data? Your retail struggles have met their match.


Smart Retail Solutions: Elevating Retail Efficiency with AI

Welcome to DataDoit, your premier destination for innovative Smart Retail Solutions in Tunisia. In today’s fiercely competitive retail landscape, efficiency, security, and invaluable insights are essential for success. Our AI-powered Smart Retail Solutions are meticulously designed to revolutionize the way you manage and enhance your retail operations. Discover the future of retail and explore how our technology can elevate your business to new heights.

Footfall Analytics
Face Detection
Workforce Optimization
Interactive Heatmaps
Shoplifting Detection
Events Detection
Sabotage Detection
Stock Monitoring
Advanced Dashboading
Fire Detection
Danger Detection
Staff Management
More Than Solutions

Revolutionize the Way You Manage, Secure, and Elevate Your Retail Business with AI

Occupancy Analytics

In the realm of smart retail, Occupancy emerges as a dynamic fusion of elements that redefine the shopping experience. Footfall data unravels customer traffic patterns, while demographic analytics delves into the diverse customer base. Seamlessly orchestrating customer flow, queue management minimizes wait times, transforming transactions into interactions.

Data accuracy gets a boost with staff exclusion, differentiating staff from visitors. VIP and repeat customer strategies enhance loyalty, fostering enduring connections. These components converge to shape a retail ecosystem where data and engagement intersect. Explore how each facet empowers retailers to anticipate needs, elevate experiences, and forge lasting bonds. Elevate your understanding of smart retail through the lens of Occupancy.

Image of a Smart Retail Solution customer traffic
Image illustrating a loss prevention system in action.

Loss Prevention

Are you ready to enter a world where cutting-edge technology is transforming the way we protect our retail environments? Prepare for a story that reveals the secrets of intelligent shoplifting detection, a solution that redefines loss prevention with AI and computer vision. Imagine a future where operational excellence and profitability coexist happily as we explore the realm of shrinkage prevention powered by AI. And don’t pass up the opportunity to learn about the revolutionary possibilities of face recognition surveillance, where security meets privacy in a novel embrace. This is your invitation to discover the future of retail security

Join us as we rewrite security standards and enhance the retail experience like never before.

Staff Optimization

Welcome to the world of technology and efficiency, where your retail business will flourish.DataDoit is reinventing workforce management with two strong solutions: Staff Monitoring and Staff Assignment/Staff Shift Allocation. In this fast-paced environment, every second counts, every job is important, and every client encounter determines success. Join us as we dig into the core of these technologies, which will alter the way you conduct your retail operations and pave the road for unprecedented efficiency and quality.

Image illustrating DataDoit's Staff Monitoring and Assignment Solutions.
Image illustrating real-time alerts in a retail environment


Welcome to our Alerts Hub, where safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction converge. Explore our comprehensive suite of alerting solutions, each designed to enhance different facets of your business. From Safety and On-Shelf Availability to Floor State and Customer Wait Time, we provide real-time insights and proactive alerts. Stay in control, mitigate risks, and optimize operations to create secure, well-stocked, pristine, and efficient environments. Discover how our advanced technologies can elevate your business.

Other Industries

Explore Diverse Industries with Bassira Camera Uncover the endless possibilities of Bassira Camera as it transforms various sectors. From revolutionizing event experiences to optimizing manufacturing processes and enhancing showroom interactions, Bassira Camera is at the forefront of innovation across industries. Dive into our solutions and see how we elevate safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Image showcasing DataDoit's applications in other industries
Industries We Serve

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Transform Your Retail Experience with AI Innovation

 Explore the possibilities of our AI-driven solutions designed to reshape retail efficiency, enhance customer interactions, and optimize inventory management.

Experience the Future of Retail Efficiency Explore our AI-driven solutions that revolutionize retail management. From inventory optimization to customer insights, we empower your business for success.

Illustration depicting face detection technology integrated with a dashboard.
Value & Benefits

See, Detect, Empower: AI Cameras for a Smarter Retail Experience

Enhanced Asset Protection

Upgrade your existing cameras for proactive asset protection. Our solution detects potential theft, fraud, liabilities, and damage early, preventing financial impact. Plus, we prioritize GDPR PII privacy compliance, safeguarding customer data. Elevate your security strategy today for lasting peace of mind.

  • Detection of Behavioral Anomalies
  • Detect Threats
  • Allow cameras to predict risks.
  • Missing Object Detection
  • Understanding Customers with Privacy-Protected Insights
  • GDPR PII Privacy Compliancen

Elevating Workplace Safety

Until now, navigating the dangers present in physical surroundings has been hard, expensive, and frequently unpredictable. Protecting your workplace has never been easier, and the greatest part? Your data is safely kept on-site.

  • Emergency Response Enhancement
  • Anomaly Identification
  • Computer Vision Description
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Secure On-Premises Data Storage
  • Incident Analysis

Elevating Customer Experience

With our innovative solutions, you can create personalized client journeys, improve inventory management, and increase employee response.

  • Facial Recognition
  • Predictive Inventory Management
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Customer Feedback Integration
  • Assistants for Instant Support
  • Engagement Analytics

Revolutionizing store auditing

Experience the next level of store auditing with our cutting-edge solutions that easily connect POS systems, boost inventory management, and use object detection to avoid out-of-stock problems and potential missed sales. Employ these improvements to create the best possible retail experience for your consumers.

  • Category Out-of-Stock Prevention
  • Product Out-of-Stock Prevention
  • Seamless Store Integration
  • Real-Time Inventory Insights
  • Interactive Planogram Management
  • Efficient Returns Management


Welcome to DataDoit, a trailblazing force propelling businesses into the realm of smart space analytics. Rooted in cutting-edge technologies and driven by our commitment to data-driven transformation, DataDoit is your partner in revolutionizing spaces across industries like retail, events, warehouses, and more.

Who We Are

We are a multidisciplinary team of AI experts, computer vision specialists, and industry veterans. Our collective proficiency allows us to bridge the gap between data and its real-world applications, making us the torchbearers of innovative smart space solutions.

What We Do

At the heart of our innovation lie our flagship products: BASSIRA Camera and Nexus. With a focus on sectors like retail, events, and warehouses, we empower businesses to extract invaluable data from their spaces. BASSIRA Camera integrates seamlessly with existing setups, while Nexus transforms traditional cameras into hubs of intelligent insights.

Our Vision

At DataDoit, we envision a world where spaces aren't just physical, but intelligent entities brimming with insights. Our mission is to infuse these spaces with the power of smart analytics, enabling businesses to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and elevate customer experiences.

Why Choose DataDoit

What sets DataDoit apart is our unwavering dedication to smart space analytics. We don't just offer technology – we offer a transformative journey where spaces evolve into strategic assets. By choosing us, you're not just embracing innovation; you're embracing the future.

Join the Smart Space Revolution

As industries continue to evolve, spaces need to keep pace. Data-driven decisions are no longer optional – they're essential. Join us in reshaping the landscape of retail, events, warehouses, and beyond. Unlock the true potential of your spaces with DataDoit's Smart Camera and Centroid, where smart space analytics isn't just a concept – it's a reality.

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